Why are king crab legs so expensive?

I am a seafood lover. I love all type of seafood especially King Crab leg because of one obvious reason – the meat is very delicious. However, there is another reason and that is I don’t get to eat King Crab that very often because it is so expensive. For years, I do not know why King Crab is so pricy when compared to other type of crabs such as snow crab or rock crab. Today, I decided to head over to the internet and did a little research to find some answers. From what I gathered online via Reddit, Wikipedia and Business Insider, these are a few reasons why King Crab is the more expensive than other crabs,
  1. King crab is dangerous to catch. Harvesting season starts in the Fall in Alaska and lasts for only a month or two. The crabs are caught in rough and freezing water.
  2. Supply is limited due to strict quota.
  3. King crab can’t be bred like fish because it takes a crab 7-9 years to get big enough to eat.

Our frozen king crab legs are size 9/12. Prices fluctuate between $24/lb to $28/lb. Unfortunately, they are only available for pick up locally due to the high cost of overnight shipping.

Source: King Crab legs price

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