Why Are Lego Blocks So Expensive

Lego Blocks’ Quality and Safety are Incomparable

With the normal price of the toy brick in 10.4 cents, the question you might be asking yourself is why Lego blocks are so costly. Lego takes that is the consequence of the quality and safety of their bricks. I’d say that this is pretty true as in their class, their level is incomparable. They create the quantity to go from one generation to another and do so with costly plastics and molds. In the case of licensed product lines like Star Wars, Legos are more costly because these established attributes make the slice of what’s traded. However, whenever there’s a choice for corporations to give money they do it. Lego set is certainly no exception. How more does toy get off of each 10.4 cents ceramic? As the family-owned business, they aren’t needed to divulge this data so Unfortunately, we may never know. However, it’s possible that sum is a good edge at what it takes to make.

Lego set – Main Street

Resale Value and Size

The world-renowned toy maker toy does value-added selling exceptionally well. LEGO created the online group for its clients where they will accept their ideas for new toy sets and vote for the minds of others. Each entry that takes at least 10,000 votes is reviewed by the brand’s officials and would be turned into the true toy collection, sold worldwide. Much action and gratification is the value-add at its own place, but toy has taken it one step further. The brand decided to give idea-contributors the share of sale income , too as recognition on the material. Thanks to all of their hard works, Lego blocks always hold their value exceptionally well over the years. According to Wamer from Bensbargains, some Lego sets can be sold for twice the original price.

Lego Blocks versus Oversea Alternatives

LEGO is famous for its engineering precision and innovation. The company has invested billions in developing,

An Alternative Brick Set

manufacturing and marketing of building blocks for decades. Therefore, it is easy to understand that their prices are higher than competitors. However, when it comes to the question whether you should buy Lego blocks or an oversea alternative, the answer is it depends:

  1. Do you have the budget for it?
  2. Are you planning to reuse your bricks over and over again for many years to come?
  3. Are you planning to resell your bricks?

If you answer yes to the above questions, then Lego block is the right choice for you. If your answer is no, there are many other oversea alternatives. After all, don’t let your budget stop you or your kids from being creative while having fun at the same time. My only advice is to buy them from a reputable vendor that can quality control and provide you with a 30 days return guarantee.

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