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Have a 3D printer? These are 6 Personal Protective Gears You Can Make

In this article, we will list several things you can make with a 3D printer to help preventing the pandemic outbreak as well as to support healthcare workers.

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, many of the countries in which recorded a huge number of infected cases, are now facing the risk of lacking certain medical devices, especially personal protective equipments (PPE) including face shields, masks… 

The fact that if health care workers get COVID 19-infected, we would be in a more dangerous situation where the shortage of both personnel and PPE co-exists. 

To meet the shortage of personal protective equipments, professional AM providers, makers and designers in the 3D printing community have already been making personal protective gears  using 3D printers.

1. Hands-free door handle attachment

3d printer - door handle

Source: Materialise

It’s a conventional wisdom that door handles are subjected to have lots of physical contact over the course of a day, except when you use an automated door with sensor that will open the door itself. Therefore, door handles are considered to be the transmission of various kind of bacteria anywhere and anytime.

Even when we’re not in the critical stage of COVID-19, the is kind of 3D printed door handle attachment is helpful and necessary at the point that it allows us to pull down the handle using our forearm, the lever action, instead of our palms or fingers to open the door as we may not remember what we could have touched before and what we will touch after that.  

Materialise – the provider of the design – had designed the printing process of the door attachment come in 2 parts, which is easily 3D printed. This also requires 4 sets of screws and nuts to secure it.  

The file for the door handle attachment is available to download for free. You can download this on this link: https://www.materialise.com/en/hands-free-door-opener

2. 3D printed hand sanitizer holder

3d printer - holder

Source: Moath Abuaysha

Never in history before does hand sanitizer become essential like this stage. We must immediately sanitize our hands after contacting surfaces like opening the door, holding the poles, holding the handles…

For those who have no choice but to directly touch something’s surfaces, Moath Abuaysha, an surgical 3D printing engineer in Saudi Arabia designed 3D-printable wrist clasp to hold a bottle of sanitizer for easier access. 

The wist attachment allows us to get our hands filled with antiseptic gel in just a moment without directly holding and potentially contaminating the bottle. It also acts as a constant warning to practise proper hygiene in such a critical time.  

3. Screwless hands-free door handle opener

Source: youmagine.com

New project from Barcelona’s CIM-UPC and BCN3D engineers team, which extends the use of hands-free door handle opener designed by Materialise. 

Differing from Materialise hands-free opener, this version from CIM-UPC and BCN3D is designated to be assembled using cable ties rather than screws. 

This kind of arm door opener is printed as a single piece on desktop 3D printers and can be made within 4 hours. 

You can download the CIM UPC COVID-19 hands-free screwless door opener here: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/arm-door-opener-covid-19 

4. Face Shields

3d printer - face shield

Source: Prusa3d.com

To meet the shortage of personal protective equipments, 3D engineers as well as hobbyists across the world have taken designs from Prusa Research – a Czech-based tech company that manufactures and designs 3D printers, to create face shields.

Since mid-March, the company has been sharing open-source mask and shield designs on their website. Within two weeks, the open-source face shield and mask design obtained more than 100,000 downloads from the company’s website and 1.6 million views on their Facebook page.

This company has already printed and donated over 35.000 shields to hospitals and other professionals in the Czech Republic and received requests for 120.000 more.

You can download Prusa’s protective shield design here: https://www.prusa3d.com/covid19/

5. NanoHack 3D-Printed Mask

 The NanoHack 3D-printed mask (Source: Copper 3D)

Copper 3D – the manufacturer of 3D printing materials has just published the open-source design of an N95 respirator which is 3D-printable and capable of fighting against COVID-19. Its initiative, called Hack the Pandemic aims to mobilize manufacturers and printing services to make these respirators quickly available on the market again to overcome the lack of N95 masks (as known as FFP2), as well as to aid the work of healthcare professionals. 

According to Copper 3D, its NanoHack 3D-printed mask is antimicrobial, antivirus, reusable and recyclable, meanwhile, single-use masks and N95 respirators will put a negative effect on the environment. The mask has a flat pattern that enables massive worldwide shipping. 

NanoHack was developed by teams of scientists and industrial designers from the USA and Chile. The manufacturers have to print the pieces with 20 percent infill, without support or rafts.

Download NanoHack 3D printed STL digital file online on: https://copper3d.com/hackthepandemic/

6. Huaxing Group medical safety goggle 

Source: Farsoon Technology

While a number of 3D printing face shields are uploaded, Huaxiang Group Farsoon and LEHVOSS Group invented 3D printing safety goggles to protect medical staff’s eyes. According to Huaxiang Group, their experts in China were able to develop, optimize and design 3D printed goggles in 10 days with 3D printing nylon goggle frames and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane sealing rings on Farsoon systems. These parts are then joined with acrylic lenses coated with anti-fogging material. 

As of March 18, Huaxiang 3D printed and assembled 1000 pairs of goggles and gave them to China Red Cross. The group is now in on the process of manufacturing the second batch for both local and abroad use. 

The design templates for the goggles are freely available on their website: http://en.farsoon.com/yl_detail/productId=98.html

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