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Nguoi Viet Florida online directory consists of buyers, sellers and supporters living in Florida. Please do not join this list if you are from out of state. 

We constantly expand our online directory to include other states. 


Are you craving for bánh tráng trộn? bánh bao? or khô bò? You can use this online directory to find and support local Vietnamese American businesses. It's FAST and EASY


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Nguoi Viet Florida
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Our Story

Do you know five in every ten Vietnamese American own a business of some sort?

Most of the businesses are in the beauty industry such as operating a nail or hair salon. Other are in the construction field such as flooring, dry wall, plumbing, heating and electrical.

In addition, there is a new breed of business owners who run and operate online stores. They sell anything from specialty foods to clothing, makeup, vitamin supplements and many more. 

They hustle just like any other good American so that their family can live the American Dream. 

Therefore, we find it important to help and support them in anyway we can. This is why we created an online directory where buyers / service providers, sellers and supporters can find things quickly. Together we thrive!

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