How virtual staging can improve your real estate during COVID-19?

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Real estate – an industry whose development depends much on how people feel about a potential home in-person. In the backdrop of wide spreading COVID19, Corona Virus and ensuing lockdowns are being strictly executed all around the world. But it cannot stop the Real Estate world from being more active than ever before thanks to virtual technology. 

Technology tools like virtual walkthroughs, 3D mapping and drone surveys are not something new. Unfortunately, they’re only available with a small amount of selected properties before. Corona Virus has made these special tools more popular.

This article will explain to you how virtual staging has positive effects on the home-selling market. In addition, it will provide some home staging tips that you can do it yourself during this pandemic. 

What is virtual staging?

virtual home staging

According to Aleksandr Lanin – CEO of Hasten – a visual marketing company of the real estate market in New York City, 

Virtual staging is a type of home staging in which designers use graphic editor software to create highly realistic images. 

Virtual staging is especially popular among real estate brokers, photographers, and interior designers. The main goal of this kind of visualization is creating highly realistic images of properties (usually for sale). 

Time and cost are the major advantages of virtual staging over traditional home staging; virtual staging is more than 90% cheaper than physical staging.

How does virtual staging affect the home-selling market while covid-19 is widespread? 

COVID-19 caused serious damage to the housing market. According to a National Association of Realtors report, existing home sales suffered the largest decline since 1982, but the worst is now over. Pending home sales gained its strength again in May, and new home sales are about to recover as well, more quickly than sellers expected. Properties are selling at a faster rate compared to the same time last year.

There is a high number of people restricted to access residential units due to COVID-19, virtual tours and staging have proven to be a safe, affordable and speedy alternative to traditional methods of staging apartments. Instead of going down and seeing 30 different homes in person, you can see them virtually, therefore, be able to make your own decision quicker. 

Redfin Corp. said there was a rise in sellers using 3D scans to create virtual walkthroughs. Augmented reality technology from different software allows you to prepare homes for showing without sending an agent to the physical property. 

A survey conducted in May by the National Association of Realtors said that 35% of realtors are seeing sellers rely on virtual tours. Other benefits of virtual staging you might not know.

Staging tips for your home you can get online  

A well organized and decorated is essential for selling home fast and for the most amount of money. That’s why we need a professional stager to style your home both for listing photos and in-person showings. 

But things have changed since COVID-19 happened 

Many sellers are looking for less intrusion into their property because of both privacy and pandemic safety. Therefore, they tend to not hire professional stagers and stage their home themselves with items they already have or products they purchase for staging purposes. 

During quarantines, everyone has their eyes online, it’s very important to have your listing photos of your properties or your properties ready to outshine other sellers. 

Here are a few tips you need to notice when DIY your own staging photos or virtual walkthroughs. 

Make a shopping list before getting staged 

Here is a suggested shopping list to get started: Hardcover books, decorative vessels, pillows and blankets, framed artwork and mirrors, potted plants... Once you can identify the most suitable items for your staging decor, try and try again to find out which items work best in which rooms.  

Some basic and easy-to-make combination and tips you can follow: 

  1. Putting bedroom pillows on the sofa for a perfect color contrast, or let the cozy couch blanket bring an extra layer of texture. 
  2. Displaying your best-suited hardcover books stacked on a coffee table, or upright on an end table between two decorative bookends.
  3. Hiding nail holes by simply leaning your pictures or artwork against the walls. Adding depth by layering small, framing the larger works. 

Make your bedroom shine 

Virtual Staging

It’s a matter of fact that buyers will spend most of their time there, so making a bedroom an inviting place to retreat is a must. You can create the textural contrast between bedding and pillows to remain in harmony. 

Insert some humor into your home decor 

Why not purchase some items that will make people laugh? Positive vibes entice people and may bring you good offers! 

Make the kitchen delightful 

This is a place you spend most of your time cooking and entertaining with your family, and so do your buyers. Make it as cozy and welcoming as possible. 

Above are some of the tips you can do yourself to improve your physical staging. However, if you opt for a virtual staging option and don’t know where to start, Intercontinental Source can help. We are your virtual staging partner for all your real estate marketing needs.

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